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Lettuce Mix

A stunning mix of eight different lettuces with different colors, shapes and textures. Includes Green Oakleaf, Red...


We grow winterbor kale, a very popular deeply curled dark green kale

Swiss Chard

Chard is great for eating raw in a salad, for adding at the end of your stir fry, or cooking like spinach for a...

Sweet red Cherry Tomatoes

Great tomato taste in a salad size cherry tomato

Green Leaf Lettuce

Loose leaf head of green leaf lettuce. A basic building block for summer salads

Red Leaf Lettuce

New Red Fire, a beautiful, crisp, summer head of red leaf lettuce

Pac Choi

Delicious white stem or green stem cooking greens


Staple, nnutritious cooking green. Also great raw in salads


Classic red round radish

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